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Primary & Acute Care

Annual wellness exams are similar to sports physicals which include a head to toe examination. We also perform women's pelvic exams and paps. Annual screenings may also include other age appropriate screenings like STI screenings, cancer risk assessments and cardiovascular screenings.

Acute care are generally visits for conditions like an acute infection (ear, digestive, respiratory) or pain (muscle strain, sprain). Please call if you have an acute concern as the providers will block out times on their schedules for acute visits.


Biofeedback is a field of mind-body medicine – meaning that our mind can influence the health of the rest of our body.  Think about being nervous and your blood pressure going up or feeling butterflies in your stomach.  Biofeedback uses feedback from our body to help us regulate our nervous system from “fight or flight” mode to “rest and digest '' mode.  The most common type of feedback is heart rate.  The patient is taught different techniques such as breathing or meditation which stimulate our vagus nerve and impacts the heart rate.  The patient can see the change in heart rate on the device and over time, can then use the technique to affect their nervous system without the feedback device. 


Biofeedback is used most commonly in high blood pressure, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and pain management.  However, more commonly biofeedback is being used in athletic and academic performance. 



Prolozone is the combination of 2 injection therapies.  First, ProloTherapy is a liquid injection that contains an irritant to soft tissue that helps promote the body’s healing response.  There is also a mixture of vitamins and a numbing agent for nutrients to the area and to ensure comfort.  The second injection therapy is ozone gas.  Ozone gas is 3 molecules of oxygen as opposed to oxygen gas which is 2 moles of oxygen.  Ozone helps promote circulation and with-it, fresh blood, which brings nutrients that promote the natural healing cells of our body.  Ozone also promotes oxygen utilization by the cells which promotes energy production by our mitochondria, also supporting the healing process. 


Prolozone injections are beneficial for most joint pains including arthritis or chronic sprain/strain pain.  It is usually preferred to PRP therapy because it is significantly cheaper and less invasive than joint surgery. 

Testosterone Replacement

It is normal for men to have a decrease in testosterone as they age, however sometimes the decrease can create health issues.  Decreased testosterone can create fatigue, depression, brain fog, sexual dysfunction, weight gain, muscle loss, and poor exercise recovery.  Proper management starts with proper lab work.  Our initial male hormone panel includes 3 different types of testosterone and 5 other labs that pertain to healthy hormones.  We then review what each individual lab means for your hormone health.  If supplements are warranted, we will discuss how each one can benefit you.  If testosterone replacement Is warranted, we will discuss the different forms of testosterone and which one best fits your needs.   


Hormone Therapy

For some women, the decrease in hormones as they go through menopause can cause many bothersome symptoms. While we can work on optimizing foundations of health to mitigate some of these symptoms, some women will prefer the use of hormones to help manage and ease them through menopause. 

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