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Insurance & Fees

All patients are responsible for knowing their benefits and payment of co pays, deductibles, co-insurance and non-covered services.


Our providers are IN-NETWORK with the following insurance plans:


Blue Cross Blue Shield of Washington

Blue Cross Blue Shield (other states, varies by plan)

First Choice Health
Kaiser (Access PPO plans only)





Your insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance company.   Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee if your insurance covers naturopathic care, and coverage varies from one policy to another. It is your responsibility to know your insurance coverage and benefits; at this time we do not offer insurance verification. Please call your insurance company and make sure you understand what the benefits of your insurance plan are (see questions below to ask your insurance carrier).


We will bill your insurance company for the service(s) you receive. You are responsible for copays, co-insurance, deductibles and non-covered charges. Insurance does not always cover all office visit charges or laboratory charges.

Secondary Insurance

Please inform us of any secondary insurance you may have.

Patients without Insurance OR out of network plan:

For patients paying out of pocket, payment for your visit is based on the complexity (determined by the provider) and ranges from $150-$400 for first office visits and $100-$350 for follow-up visits. Patients receive a 15% courtesy discount to all patients paying out of pocket when paid at the time of service.  Payment for your visit is due at the time of service.  We accept cash (please note we do not keep change on hand), check, HSA cards or credit card (Visa, Mastercard or AMEX). 

Our providers are out-of-network for the following insurance plans:


Ambetter (Coordinated Care)


BlueCard plans (out of state Blue Cross Blue Shield plans)

Kaiser (HMO, Core, Foundation Plans)

Molina Health

United Health Care

Many insurance companies will reimburse you for some portion of the cost for you to see out-of-network providers depending on your plan. For out of network services, you will pay at the time of service and we can provide you with a superbill to submit to your insurance for reimbursement.


Rescheduling, Cancellations & No Shows:

We charge $225 fee for no show or missed visits and $100 for appointments cancelled less than 24 business hours of the scheduled appointment time. This fee is not billable to insurance. Please respect this policy as missed appointments take the provider's time away from seeing other patients in need.

Flex Plans/ Medical Savings Account/ Health Savings Accounts

Please inform us if you have a Health Savings Account, sometimes known as a Flex Plan or Medical Savings Account.  All naturopathic medical care, including co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, lab, and prescribed supplements can be paid with funds from your Flex Plan/MSA/HSA. 


Supplements are an extra cost and are not included in the visit fees and not covered by insurance. Supplements are tax-free when prescribed by our physicians. You may use HSA/MSA/Flex Plans to pay for your supplements.



Our providers utilize conventional and specialty lab tests. In general, billing for labs is a contract between your insurance company and the labs, not our providers. Many lab tests are covered by insurance (subject to your deductible and co-pay), but some specialty tests are not. The providers do their best to discuss potential costs to their patients when running tests but be aware that these are estimates and often times the coverage is dictated by insurance. If you have questions about coverage, you can speak to your insurance company. Out of pocket costs for labs can be paid through HSA/MSA/Flex Plans when not covered.

Questions to Ask Your Insurance Company

Understand what your coverage is for office visits with naturopathic doctors. It is important to know if the provider you wish to see is in-network with your insurance company, if your plan has naturopathic benefits or if you have out-of-network benefits if the providers are not in-network with your plan. 

  • What is my annual deductible and have I met it?

    • When does my deductible reset? (not every plan begins on the calendar year)

  • Do I have naturopathic benefits?

  • Is Junction or my provider - Dr. Dan or Dr. Nguyen - in network with my plan?

    • You can give specific identifying numbers for Junction (NPI: 1699344697), Dr. Dan (NPI 1922594365), Dr. Nguyen (NPI 1235648841)

  • Is there a limit to the number of visits I can have a year with a naturopathic doctor?

  • Do I need a referral to see a naturopathic doctor for it to be covered?

  • If your insurance requires, elect Dr. Dan or Dr. Nguyen as your primary care provider - if that is their role in your care

  • Always get the name of the individual you spoke with, date, time and reference number for your call.

Current patient with a billing question?

We utilize Nightingale Billing as our liaison between the insurance companies. If you have a question about your current bill, invoice, or EOB please reach out directly to our billing representative, Leah by phone 206-813-9117 or email

Good Faith Estimate

If you don't have health insurance, health care providers and facilities are legally obligated to give you an estimate of expected charges when you schedule an appointment or if you ask for an estimate; this is called a "good faith estimate." The good faith estimate shows a list of expected charges for items or services from the provider/facility. Because the good faith estimate is based on information known at the time that the provider/facility creates the estimate, it won't include any unknown or unexpected costs that may be added during your treatment. In some cases, items or services related to initial estimate that are scheduled separately might not be included in the good faith estimate. You may receive a separate good faith estimate when you schedule those items or services or if you ask for it.  More information on the good faith estimate can be explained here.

Providers/facility must provide you with the good faith estimate:

  • After you schedule a health care item or service. If you schedule at least 3 business days before the date you'll get the item or service, the provider/facility must give you a good faith estimate no later than 1 business day after scheduling. If you schedule item/service OR ask for cost information at least 10 business days before the scheduled date, the provider/facility must give you a good faith estimate no later than 3 business days after you schedule or ask for the estimate. 

  • Includes a list of each item or service with the provider or facility and specific details like health care service code(s)

  • In a way that's accessible to you.

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