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Dr. Daniel Riordan ND, BCB


My main area of focus is primary care with a special interest in men’s health, low T/testosterone replacement therapy, gay men’s health, PrEP therapy, anxiety, depression, biofeedback, and advanced cardiovascular/cholesterol labs.  


As a Naturopathic Doctor, I strive to personalize healthcare for each individual. I accomplish this in part by discussing the pros and cons of all treatment options, including the cost of naturopathic modalities vs the cost of pharmaceutical options covered by insurance. I also incorporate this into lab reviews, going line by line through a lab report with patients and telling them what each lab means, even when they are normal. Informing my patients about their own health is a priority of mine which I learned from my mom who taught nursing for 29 years.  While I was in my undergrad at the University of Michigan-Dearborn, my mom wrote a class on complementary medicine and told me there was a school in Seattle called Bastyr University that taught naturopathic medicine and my life forever changed. 

After completing a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a pre-medicine and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, I attended Bastyr and completed specialty rotations in counseling, diabetes and cardiovascular health, pain management, environmental medicine, adolescent medicine, mind-body medicine/biofeedback, underserved/homeless youth, and digestive health/SIBO.  I completed elective courses in Kinesio Taping, STD treatment and prevention, mind-body/biofeedback, advanced diabetes and vascular disease, IV therapy, and a licensing course in massage therapy. 


After graduating with my Naturopathic Doctorate from Bastyr, I completed a two-year residency through the Institute for Natural Medicine at a group practice in Redmond, WA.  In residency, I was mentored in men’s health, hormone replacement therapy, injection therapy, IV therapy, and ozone therapy. I also completed my Board Certification in Biofeedback (BCB) during that time.  After completing 2 years of residency, I joined the clinic as a full-time associate physician where I worked for an additional year before taking over ownership here at Junction Naturopathic Medicine.  


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