Treatment Planning

Naturopathic care at JNM focuses on resolving and reversing chronic disease processes. Treatment begins with a thorough, whole person intake process. This investment creates the diagnostic and relationship foundation for an individualized treatment plan. We determine what your strengths and your underlying imbalances are. We tailor steps to meet you where you are – and take you to better health.



Electronic intake form – our reception services will email you a link to complete these forms.


Our goal is to focus as much as possible of our time to things that only can be done face-to-face. We ask that you fill out and electronically send the electronically available intake form at least 3 business days prior to your visit. Your sharing of personal, family health information is the first step in our process together.


Initial Visit (2 hours)

Medical interview, physical exam, lab orders, preliminary recommendations may or may not be given.

Homework: Diet and Symptom Diary

We send you home with a nutritional assessment questionnaire (NAQ), and a 4-day health diary. Your will be asked to share elements of your diet, digestion, water consumption, exercise patterns, pleasure, stress levels, and familial or work conflicts.



We typically recommend lab testing, conventional and functional. You will need to go to a local lab to have your blood drawn and provide whatever other sample may be required to gain understanding of your health interests.


Second Visit (one hour) – Individualized Treatment Plan

The critical elements to understand you and your health interests will be at hand: the electronically-filled out health questionnaire, the diet/lifestyle diary, the blood work, the physical exam, and the story of your health as shared in the initial session.


This time with you focuses on setting a course toward the health outcomes you wish to achieve. Over-all and highlighted findings will be reported and explored. We’ll then set a plan. Depending on what we discover, and your preferences, this may involve using some of the modalities or special services offered at Junction Naturopathic Medicine. Our course may involve referral, if needed, to other medical or healthcare professionals.


Follow-up With Return Office Calls

The course set will be individualized based on such factors as intensity of the changes being made, the choice of useful services that may be offered. Sometimes the plan needs adjustment. Typically, it is useful to have an initial follow-up check-in within two weeks



To achieve your health goals, we may suggest using one or a series of these special modalities for detoxification, stress reduction and health renewal.


Special Approaches

We may also recommend special approaches such as 21 day whole body cleanse/detox; various special anti-inflammatory diets depending on the clinical situation; elimination diet for allergies, weight loss, chronic fatigue


Acute Visits

While Junction Naturopathic Medicine’s focus is on resolving chronic conditions, established patients can also come in for acute health issues. These typically take 30-60 minutes, depending on the situation.

Junction Naturopathic Medicine’s Approach to Personalized and Integrative Care: Helping You Get Healthier!

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The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Thomas Edison, January 2, 1903

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