Personalized Systemic Periodontal Program (PSPP)

Integrative Medicine Services for Optimal Oral Health:    Addressing Root Causes


This special clinical focus at Junction Naturopathic Medicine is on filling a gap in usual oral health care. Our program focuses on the systemic factors that in dentistry’s scientific language are called “host immuno-inflammatory factors”. Based on Dr. Kimball’s unique life path and passions, we provide integrative medicine for optimal oral health. Explore the outcomes-focused approach here.



  • Addresses the oral-systemic link
  • Works collaboratively with your dentist, hygienist and periodontist
  • Addresses typically multi-factorial root causes around nutritional & mineral deficiencies, digestion issues, blood sugar imbalances, stress and altered cortisol, chemical & heavy metal toxicity
  • Promotes a healthy oral biofilm/microbiome and gut microbiome
  • Treats patients as individuals, not just a diagnosis, that is, creates a treatment plan based on individualized factors
  • Identifies modifiable risk factors that are driving imbalance and chronic inflammation
  • Evaluates adrenal stress index, intestinal permeability defect, chemical & heavy metal status
  • Uses natural medicines to treat, rare to have negative side effects, typically usually positive side effects


These modifiable risk factors include:


Food: Many risk factors relate to food and nutrition. Food is medicine and food is information. The highly processed food of the standard American diet (SAD) has low nutrient density and is high in trans fats promoting, among other issues:

  • vitamin/mineral defic- iencies and imbalances, overfed & undernourished
  • low omega 3 to omega 6 ratio of fatty acids
  • low antioxidant levels
  • intestinal permeability dysfunction

Rest: sleep quantity & quality, energy, fatigue


Exercise: achieving exercise appropriate for the patient’s situation


Stress: adrenal/cortisol dysfunction, emotional issues & trauma history with inadequate coping skills, overwork,

depression, anxiety, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction


Hormone balance: Adrenal fatigue, estrogen/progesterone/ testosterone, insulin resistance, thyroid imbalance, Vitamin D status

  • sugar & refined carbo-hydrate excess, insulin resistance, excess calorie intake
  • poor digestion (gut modulates immunity)
  • dysbiosis - imbalance of gut biome

Detoxification: toxin overload – chemical/biologic/heavy metals


Immune imbalance: food allergy/hypersensitivity/reactivity


Relationships/community: counseling, promoting optimal communication


Treat chronic/occult infections: sinus, GI, bacterial/viral/parasite infections


Here at JNM we speak of the modifiable risk factors for periodontal disease and all chronic disease as “Fresh-Dirt”. Click here, for more information.



Junction Naturopathic Medicine’s Approach to Personalized and Integrative Care: Helping You Get Healthier!

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The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease.”

Thomas Edison, January 2, 1903

Dr. Kimball’s

Personalized Systemic

Periodontal Program


Integrative Medicine

Services for Optimal Oral

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