Dr. Victoria Nguyen, ND


A Bit About Me

I had a desire to be a doctor at a very young age. I have always had this inherent desire to help people and felt like being a doctor was the best career choice I could make to reflect that need to help others. My interest in natural medicine was something I didn't realize was always a part of my childhood and adolescence until I heard about naturopathic medicine in my early adulthood.


My philosophy has always been to treat each person with respect. I focus on treating the cause whenever I can, while focusing on the whole person. My main goal as a practitioner is to provide a supportive, inclusive environment that cultivates a patient’s active engagement in their health by having discussions about their treatment options.  By educating and informing my patients, I believe they are able to take a more active role in their health.  I also understand that not everyone is in the same place in their life and I honor what patients are willing to do for their own health and I want to meet my patients where they are at. However, I also have the expectation that patients must be accountable for their own health. I can be supportive with tools and information, but I believe that it is ultimately the patient that has control over their healing process.   


I have worked with women on various conditions such as PMS, cycle regulation, PCOS and menopause. I also enjoy working with adolescents because I believe that the best medicine is prevention, and if I am able to educate my patients at an earlier age to create healthy habits, I can set them up with the basic tools to help them moving forward in their life.  I enjoy incorporating health education and prevention into my visits with my patients and strive to focus on the foundations of health with all my patients as I believe that more successful outcomes happen when my patients have a strong foundation to start.

I am a native to the greater Seattle area, where I received my bachelors in Biology at the University of Washington and my doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine at Bastyr University. I am trained in primary care but I have a strong interest in women's health. Outside of work, I love trying new restaurants, traveling or just lounging around with my husband and our baby.